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I’m Sterlyng Powell, and I’m lots of things. Nice, loving, a great communicator, a fantastic listener, a musician, and a person that LOVES video games. 


I've been working in the Video Games Industry for three years, and the roles I've had include Quality Assurance Game Tester, PC Support, Customer Service, Content Creator, and Video Game Capture Artist. Outside of working in video games, I enjoy making music, catching up on getting my Playstation Network platinum trophies, getting through difficult Indie games on Steam, playing fighting games from time to time, and completing my occasional Netflix binge. As I’ve worked in the video game industry, I’ve learned that I love talking about video games and I love engaging with the different communities.

I used to talk a lot being a Resident Assistant, a Barista, and Bartender. I currently talk a lot when I’m doing Community Leader work at church or doing Customer Service shifts at work, but what I really want to do is talk about games. Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite video game character because it was my first exposure to video games, and he was a cool looking guy! I love mentioning Metal Gear Solid in a gaming convo, and how it had such a huge impact on the video game industry with its various gameplay elements. Street Fighter was also a great impact, not only because it’s a fighting game (which is one of my favorite genres), but how it was used as a bonding tool to get my family to play video games with me. I’ve even worked at conventions and talked to people about video games at Anime Expo, EVO Fighting Tournament, and MagFest!

Long story short,


I love talking about video games, and I can do it all day. I want others to know my personal stories about video games (past, present, and future), and I also want people to share with me what they enjoy about video games. I’ve learned that making connections through video games is one of the greatest feelings that I’ve ever had (I’ve literally gotten warm and fuzzy feelings talking about games), and I would hate for anyone to be missing out!